Instant relief for tired feet!

    Levasan thigh quality cooling gel, developed based on natural plant extracts with proven effect.

    The complex of active ingredients acts on three levels:
    - refreshes tired and overheated feet
    - It brings immediate relief
    - prevents swelling and dryness of the skin.


Levasanis a product with unique properties cooling and refreshing. It combines the concentrated extracts from several plants that operate stimulates the microcirculation. This improves blood circulation in the legs and effectively prevents their fatigue.

The gel has anti-inflammatory, eliminates the problem of poor blood circulation and edema resulting from prolonged standing at work, tight tights or too tight shoes. In addition, it moisturizes and smoothes the skin and protects it from excessive drying and cracking. Used regularly, gently softens hardened stratum corneum and removes excessive roughness. Thanks to the long-term menthol cools and relaxes. It is ideal for use after a busy day, as it provides a comfortable feeling of lightness and freshness.

Instant relief for tired feet!

Selected ingredients

Extract of horse chestnut

- anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. It prevents post-traumatic swelling, relaxant effect. Used to treat an injury, bruises, post-traumatic edema. Relieves pain of dislocation of joints, stimulates the treatment of varicose veins - seals the blood vessels.

Extract of Ginkgo biloba

- increases the blood circulation of the lower limbs, seals blood vessels, reduces swelling. In conjunction with the extract of horse chestnut improves blood circulation, reduces the fragility of blood vessels and prevents redness and spider veins.

Peppermint extract

- przeciświądowo work and inflammation. It relieves the symptoms of arthritis in case of problems with arthritis. Topically anesthetized, it cools and reduces skin sensitivity, soothing pain and fatigue.


Natural recipe

Gel formula Levasan it has been developed on the basis of the original convent recipes. The product consists of a dozen carefully selected herbs and plant extracts, 100% safe for the skin and body.

Instant effect

With a light texture gel absorbs quickly and is pleasant to use. Concentrated active substances act immediately, within a few minutes bringing relief and long-term preventing fatigue.